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Monday, March 10, 2008



I'm moving back my running posts to my original blog, Julian's Head.

I don't really have time to run too many blogs at this point, and I'll just leave all of them on my original blog. And at the same time, my running life has been anything but progressive. Since I got to New York, I've only been able to run twice a week, if lucky, three times. I hope things will change (read: the weather!).

Anyway, please redirect your browser back to my main blog for updates about me. I will write my running updates there now. I will just keep this blog open anyway.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Penang Bridge Run.. suffer in ecstasy!

I did it!!

I finally did the Penang Bridge Run!! This run is a momentuous event for me, in more ways than one!

1) It's my first race in a year and a half (my last race being KLIM '06 half marathon distance), and I'm heading straight for the jugular by doing a 22.3km!! Suffer beb!!

2) Doing the Bridge is something I've been wanting to do for a long time. And it'll probably be my only PBM for a long time (if I go off to US, then it'll be a few years before PBM can happen for me!).

I woke up earlier before my alarm could do the job for me, at 2.40am (I only wanted to get up at 2.45am).. ??? Why ah?? I have to admit, I was feeling pretty nervous the entire day. Did the usuals to get ready... big business, so I don't get no funny bowel movements during the run, and also a quick shower (I actually like to feel fresh before a race, even though I'm gonna sweat like mad anyway!). Since I've already got my race kits all prepped up several hours before that, I just downed some Accelerade I made last night, just to put in some electrolytes and isotonics, etc, so I don't get no cramps. I also downed a small chunk of PowerBar (even though I could still feel last night's pasta dinner). Since it's a long race since a year and a half, I didn't want to take any risks.

So kau far away, man!!

Met up with Pek Fui at the lobby, and I drove us to RECSAM to park our cars. But then, really celaka, even with the map of Penang, I managed to take a wrong turn, and faced a closed road. After several wrong turns in Jalan Delima housing area, we managed to find our way out to the same road we were in. We parked at a housing area just adjacent from Jalan Delima, thinking that the starting line wasn't TOO far away. We jogged our way not knowing that the registration line was almost 2km away!!! Basket organizers... no road signs or anything to indicate where everything is! Already wasted some running energy just GETTING TO the registration point.

Met Albert from NB Bukit Bintang on the way to the USM field. When we finally got there, we saw a HUGE queue outside USM, and for some strange reason, the bottlenecked everybody to go into the field, while collecting our registration cards. What the hell? Squeezing two people in at a time... while 9998 others were trying to get in as well? When we finally got in, we had to jog right away to the starting line, which was basically almost a kilometre away, and only to find out we're doubling back to the main road through the school field. We didn't even have time to piss!

When we did get to the starting line, it was only just in time for flag-off! It was like I haven't stopped running since I started jogging from my car! *Sigh* Anyway, not intent on letting these adversities hamper my race, I decided to keep positive.

The race itself..

Since I didn't have time to recover from my 2km "warm-up", I knew I've already wasted a bit of unnecessary energy. So I ran at a fairly comfortable pace, so I won't get beaten up too quickly. One thing I didn't like about these big races was the fact that more than 50% of the half-marathon participants were school students!! Even before 1km into the race, a lot of them were already walking, and this has always been a pain for us. We have to run, keep a steady pace, concentrate on relaxing, and try to dodge these kids all at once!

Ah? Water only kah??

My only source of distance markers were the water stations, which was supposed to be every 5km. I hardly doubt that was true. Anyway, water stations only had water, and no sports drinks. Luckily for me I went on the idea of carrying my waterpack with Accelerade (and two Powergels), even though it's added weight. I pity the full-distance runners!

*Sniff sniff*.. what the hell is that smell?

For the first half of the race, I managed to run non-stop (except to take water at the first water station) at a steady pace (averaging around 7.40-7.45 min/km). Along the bridge, we were all barraged with funny smells, coming from the industrial activity just below the bridge. I though I smelt either salty fish, or salty veges (ham choy), or something! It wasn't very comfortable, to say the least.

Saw Jamie running on the opposite side of the bridge! Seeing him gave me a sudden jolt of mental energy to run!!

At the second water station, I took a bottle of water, and downed a PowerGel, as I had already begun to feel rather heavier in my motion. My lungs were feeling a bit like it was burning, like it was not getting enough air. I attribute this to inadequate training. After taking a piss next to the wide drain, I walked for about 2 over minutes, before continuing on my running pace. Each time I started running, I had to start slow and slowly work up the pace again.

Eh, another familiar face!!

At this point where the u-turn comes back up to the bridge, I met KRunner aka Rohaizad, and we were both walking. Rohaizad was run/walking due to recurring knee injury, which stopped him from properly training for the race, so although his knee was OK throughout the race, he was stopped due to lack of stamina as well. We both run/walked, chatted a short while, and continued our usual running pace. For the remainder of the race, I mostly run/walked my way back. There was a point, the nagging thought in my head went, "wah liao, so long more to go.. die lahh, how to finish??". My lack of stamina made mental havoc in my head, until I thought I was gonna give up. But again and again, I reminded myself about how I must mentally pick myself up and keep going, even if I had to walk... if I can't do this, then how would I have the mental strength to continue with my music life and everything else??

The sky has also begun to slowly break into light. And I was nowhere near the finish line. I passed Rohaizad a few times, and him passing me a few times as well, until he picked up it about 5km before the finish line to finish the race. I still run/walked all the way, and when I saw the "1km To Go" sign, I felt a sudden surge of energy to keep running again. I ran steadily down back out from the bridge and on the road heading towards USM. As I got nearer, I tried to pick my pace, but to very little avail, I almost felt so spent! When we entered the USM grounds, I gave it all I got and sprinted (albeit slowly) to the finish line!! Clocked my watch at 2:54.38.

At the finish line, I was virtually gasping so hard for air (and a drink!).. I don't think I've ever felt that spent before! Tried looking around for water or any fluids, but there was no stalls around to serve them! Bloody hell??? They were all on the opposite field, where the Fun Run 10km runners finish. Basket!!! What kinda organization is this? And they had to barrage my ears with a terrible-sounding Malay rock-kapak band... playing all the wrong chords and singing out-of-tune! So I proceeded to walk to the drinks station on the opposite side and lined up for Milo. BASKET!! When it reached my turn, I was only allowed ONE cup of Milo.. BIATCHH!!!!! What the hell?? Damn kiamsiap, man!!! Other races I've been to never had that ruling before.... KNN!! CCB!!! MCH!!! ARGGH!! I walked to the Spritzer stall, and bought myself a large bottle of water, and Spritzer Pop! What a relief.

I went back to the finish line again to see who I could meet, and also to wait for Pek Fui to finish. Saw Jamie just finishing, and gasping for air, like fish out of water, as well. He told me his run didn't go all that well, and all the running plans from training fell apart, due to unexpected back cramps!

To Jamie: Again, I must say you've been quite an inspiration to me anyway, man! Sorry that your run didn't go as well as expected!

Finally saw Pek Fui finish as well. Met some other familiar faces, too! After stretching and relaxing a bit, we proceeded to walk back to the car! Oh no.. that's another 2km away!!! Let's just say, as we were walking back to our car, i felt like I was dragging a tonne of bricks on my legs! Thankfully, Ryan Teoh saw us, and offered us a lift back to our car! Thanks Ryan!!

Back to the hotel it was... woo hooo!!


I don't want to even bother analyzing too much. I was not fully trained for PBM, but I just had to make do with whatever I could handle. Luckily enough, I didn't experience a single cramp (esp at the calf area) at all. I guess I was quite prepared in that area, with the eating I was doing the last few days, and also drinking Accelerade, and downing a Powergel (out of 2 I brought with me) during the race.

2:54.38 for 22.3km wasn't too bad for me. After all, my last race was March last year and also a half-marathon distance (KLIM 06 - 2:43.54). It was a good race run for me, nonetheless, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not the organization of the race though.

Can't wait for my next race!!

Read about the rest of my Penang escapades here!

PS: This run is dedicated to the late Terence Leong aka Penguin 6. He passed away almost three weeks ago, after suffering and recovering from brain tumor. Our prayers are with you. I hope you will have the best parks to run in and do a triathlon, up there in Heaven.


Monday, June 25, 2007


I finished the Penang Bridge Run!

I did 22.3km at 2:54.38... I'm so happy!!!

Will update more soon!


PS: I'm typing this from the Tapah Dunkin' Donuts, using their free Wi-Fi.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Penang.. here I come!

Okay folks..

I'm off to Penang for the Bridge Run this Sunday!!

Not expecting a PR, but just a good, strong completion! It'll be my first race after a year and a half!! Woo hoooo..!!!

Will report more once I'm done!



Thursday, June 07, 2007

PG Marathon training..

Just a little update,

Training has been doing okay. I'm really consciously making time and planning for training to run the Penang Marathon 22.3km. I definitely won't be 100% ready, and my form and running strength isn't as it used to be, but I'm working towards it. I don't expect to get a PR for this, I just want to finish it and enjoy in the revelry of finishing it.

I'll be doing more long runs over the next week or so, just to get some endurance to pull through the race.

Wish me luck!

More updates soon!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Some long due updates..

Been awhile since I posted... don't worry, I'm still working out, but mostly running than others. It's mostly a mixture of going to the gym on the treadmill, or running out there either in Lake Gardens or on the highway outside of my taman (ack!).

Anyway, just some minor updates..

Got a nice new shoe, probably the most expensive shoe to date - Asics Kayano 13. Got it in Queensway Mall in Singapore (thanks Jamie for the tip!), and they were apparently on offer, between 10 - 45% discount!! I basically got this shoe at about almost 20% cheaper than Malaysian prices! What a deal!

I'm seriously enjoying this shoe, as well. It feels totally different from a New Balance. Every NB shoe I've had, although a different design for each model, has a distinct feel to the wear of the shoe. But this Asics, wow.. it's a whole new ball game for me. I've taken it out for several runs - training runs and long runs, and it really feels like you're running on air! It makes running so comfortable, I forget I'm wearing shoes! The landing and push-off feel is just so smooth.

At the store I was torn between an Asics 2120 and this one, and after trying both out for about 10 over minutes, I thought the Kayano 13 would be a better choice. And after all, price-wise there was not a significant difference, so I thought, "what the heck, might as well pay for a good shoe, at a good price!". It looked mighty fine as well... while the 2120 was the blue design, which doesn't look as stunning as this.

If it takes a nice good shoe to motivate me to train more, why the hell not?

* * * * *

I missed the dateline for the NB 15K race.. bugger. But I'm gonna try out for the Penang Bridge Marathon, this June 24th. Will try the 21K of course. KT's agreed to do it as well, so I can't wait for that. I've been dying to join a race for a long time now. Nothing like joining one to keep that training bug going, ain't it?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I think I'm quite attached to my heart rate monitor (HRM)....

Just a little recap, I lost my HRM transmitter last year, after my Shanghai trip for the Jonathan Lee show. I left it in the room somehow, and that was that. But of course, that didn't stop me from running and working out, but I always felt a bit in the dark about my training, now that I don't have my heart rate being monitored.

Anyway, I managed to get it replaced last week, and I think I'm gonna enjoy working out more now... can post HR details and stuff. I've even tried running with music, and it was okay, but I found I ran better without it.. can't stand them wires and stuff.

Anyway, to start off, this was an account of last week's run, with HR details!!

Date: 23 March 07
Route: Lake Gardens (Bkt Aman CP - Carcosa - Tapak A - Bkt Aman CP), approx 3.75km per loop
Distance: 7.5km (approx)/2 loops
Time: 58:30
HR: Ave 156bpm, max 176

Started off easy as always, and making sure I don't go beyond 75% of MaxHR for the first 5 - 10mins. Uphills at Carcosa brings up HR a little higher than 80% as expected. Incline after Tapak A was killer, for the moment, but tried jogging slowly all the way up. Took one minute walk rest when reached carpark for first lap.

Second lap, I took it a little faster pace, and could keep for at least until I reached Carcosa Hill, where I slowed down to compensate for the uphill pace. HR was 10% more than the first loop at the Carcosa hill. Could maintain running pace until I reached Tapak A, where I decided to walk to recover. Halfway up the Tapak A hill to carpark, I ran a little bit more until the carpark.

Good workout, I think.

PS: I'm lusting for a pair of Asics 2120 (courtesy of Jamie da Carboman.. the article,not the shoe, that is!!)....